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2018 Year in Review

As we wrap up 2018, it's fun to take a look back on all that happened at TS Banking Group. Here are a few of my favorite stories from this year.

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TS Banking Group Announces Curtis Johnson as new Director of Internal Audit

TS Banking Group is pleased to announce Curtis Johnson as new Director of Internal Audit.

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Trip brings back many memories for Treynor couple

Mick and Judy Guttau’s love story spans several decades and includes many significant highlights, but a recent trip to Hawaii to attend the ABA National Conference for Community Bankers brought back...

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Learning to be the CEO of your role

Not long into a career at TS Banking Group, employees are encouraged to be the “CEO of their role.” The CEO Culture is a unique way of operating and can create tremendous amounts of productivity and...

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Employee Melissa Peterson: Getting Involved with Master Gardeners

Over 85 percent of TS Banking Group employees are proud to volunteer in their communities. Our company understands how busy life can be, and as a result, offers Volunteer-Time-Off to give employees...

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