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Mick Guttau Receives Quilt of Valor

Chairman of the Board, Mick Guttau was presented with a Quilt of Valor on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016.

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Employee Feature: Erin Johnson

It's an unfortunate thing that TS Banking Group clients don't usually get the chance to meet the team that works behind the scenes and makes TSBG so wonderful. That's why we've decided to highlight...

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Five Job Titles You Wouldn't Expect at TS Banking Group

When you hear the name TS Banking Group you might think of a loan officer, a universal banker or a branch manger. However, you typically don’t get to see everything happening behind the scenes.

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5 Reasons to Work for TS Banking Group

We sat down with a group of TS Banking Group employees and asked them to reflect on the top five reasons they believe TS Baking Group is a great company to work for. There results are in and we're...

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Words We Live By

Enduring integrity, others oriented, “whole”istic prosperity, and positively contrarian.

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