Five Job Titles You Wouldn't Expect at TS Banking Group

When you hear the name TS Banking Group you might think of a loan officer, a universal banker or a branch manger. However, you typically don’t get to see everything happening behind the scenes.

Here is your chance to take a look behind the curtain. We found 5 TS Banking Group positions you might not know exist and asked them to briefly describe their role in the company.

1. BPI (Business Process Improvement) Manager

“I am just about to complete my 1st year of service at TSBG after being an educator for 26 years.  Without a doubt, the thing I enjoy the most is having the opportunity to work side-by-side with quality people.  My role is unique in that I get to participate in projects bank-wide and get to know all employees on a more personal level.  I love being able to facilitate projects and assist in making processes more efficient.  I look forward to having a larger impact on TSBG as we continue to grow and expand our market in the future.”

Tim L. Larsen, BPI Manager

2. Data Scientist

“As a Data Scientist at TSBG, there is opportunity everywhere you look.  One day you could be brainstorming with teams to come up with their dream data solutions for the future, and the next you could be optimizing methodologies for accessing data the company already leverages.  You are provided special insight into each department and are afforded the opportunity to learn and assist in taking some serious steps to create results that leaders envision for their teams and clients. 

It's not typical for a company in this industry, especially this size, to be implementing big data solutions and predictive analytics.  It's incredible to be a part of an organization that promotes thinking outside of the box and has proven success in doing so. This role is one of many examples that make TSBG special and is a part of the overall strategy to sustain that momentum going forward.” 

Kyle Rannells, Data Scientist

3. Systems Architect

“As Systems Architect I’m responsible for maintaining and developing the technology infrastructure at TSBG. It’s an exciting time at TSBG, with growth and acquisitions occurring it is a problem solvers haven. Every day there is a new challenge, new technology and new faces. When I’m not absorbed in creating new solutions or troubleshooting I enjoy working for an organization that is passionate about financial literacy and community reinvestment. Even though my passion fuels my desire to work hard TSBG provides a great work/life balance with the flexibility I need to play hard as well."

Shawn Miller, Systems Architect

4. Director of Community Reinvestment

“I’ve always had a passion for giving back; I was raised that way! Serving as Director of Community Reinvestment at TS Banking Group fills my heart, and I’m always wanting to do more.

Giving back is the core of who we are at TS Banking Group and that extends to the communities where we live. By reinvesting 10% of our pre-tax profits, we are able to support a variety of non-profits and community organizations in four focus areas:

1. Financial literacy and youth activities through school and community organizations
2. Charitable organizations serving communities in which bank employees serve in leadership
3. Charitable or community organizations that have or are developing a banking relationship with the TS Banking Group
4. Faith-based organizations which are heart-felt gifts”

Judy Guttau, Director of Community Reinvestment


5. Marketing and Event Coordinator

"There are two parts to my job, one consists of planning TSBG’s outward facing events, such as the annual Ag Summit, TS Promise or parades, as well as a few major internal events such as the summer and Christmas party. The second part of my roll consists of marketing and social media for TSBG. The marketing team consists of myself and two other people. Together, we work to build the TSBG brand; the experience a client receives.

I love the challenge of taking the amazing things TSBG does internally and transforming those concepts into something concrete that can be implemented externally; whether visually through design, words, or experience at an event.”

Rachel Cain, Marketing and Event Coordinator