5 Reasons to Work for TS Banking Group

We sat down with a group of TS Banking Group employees and asked them to reflect on the top five reasons they believe TS Baking Group is a great company to work for. There results are in and we're here to share them with you!

1. We empower employees  TS Banking Group encourages each employee to “Be the CEO of your position.” Every employee has value in their story and what they bring to our organization. We want our employees to have a voice and be heard, therefore in order to create an environment that is conducive to open communication, we feel it is our role to provide the appropriate platforms to do so! One of these platforms is the “Employee Engagement Team,” which is a group of employees who volunteer to meet monthly to review concerns, fun ideas or any type of suggestions. The suggestions are submitted by fellow employees in order to continue to improve an employee’s work life here at TS Banking Group.

2. We provide work/life balance – TS Banking Group understands that outside of work, you have a family. We know that it’s important to respect the life our employees have outside of the office, and that real sense of practicality makes our environment stand out! Knowing what’s right for the people will be right for the business.

3. We promote volunteerism – With over 80 percent of employees volunteering, TS Banking Group encourages them to donate their time to volunteer and promotes volunteer opportunities that arise in the communities we serve. We believe being active and supporting the communities we work and live in is a critical function of our mission to Ignite Prosperity.

4. You have the opportunity for career education/growth – Employees are encouraged to continue their education by attending various seminars, conferences, etc. of their choosing. Whether it’s a conference or online class, you can choose how to further your growth and education.

5. Family oriented culture – We have a strong sense of loyalty and family here at TS Banking Group. The size of this company provides a perfect opportunity and platform for employees to build strong relationships with one another.

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