Creating a Dynamic Work Culture

At TS Banking Group, we strive to create a dynamic culture in which we cultivate a family oriented environment. We hold work life balance to a high standard and empower our employees to be the “CEO” of their position. We want our employees to have time to make lasting memories outside of work with their friends, family and hobbies. However, we also want our employees to make lasting memories during working hours. This is why TSBG has set out to destroy the myth of the “boring” financial work environment. 

How you might ask? This has been achieved by creating a team of employees throughout all subsets of the TSBG company, each bringing a unique perspective, and culture. Our goal is to match employees to not only the role, but to the TSBG culture as well.

Empower Employees
In January of 2016, we launched the TSBG Employee Engagement Team in order to continuously empower our employees to submit their various ideas they think will improve culture and moral such as company picnics, process improvements or even book clubs.

We want each and every employee to feel empowered, believing their ideas and opinions matter, encouraging them to submit anything and everything on their mind to the Employee Engagement Team. The Employee Engagement Team is a diverse team of individuals from our organization that review all of the ideas that have been submitted by our employee base. The Employee Engagement Team is then able to see the process of working through the idea to implementing the new idea. The idea can be a daily activity, or something we do annually. Getting to be a part of the journey to launch a new process or idea creates such an empowerment, which is key to having happy, engaged employees!

Reward Employees
Annually in mid-August, Human Resources and the Employee Engagement Team band together to host an Employee Appreciation Week where multiple activities and snacks are provided throughout the week to honor our employees for all of their hard work and dedication. We know our employees put a lot of time and effort into work, and we want to make sure our employees know all of their time and effort is greatly appreciated! We typically end the week with our summer picnic where we get all of our families together to spend time and build stronger relationships.

Encourage Employees
Not only do we have the Employee Engagement Team, but we encourage our employees to take time off from their busy working schedules to volunteer during the week. We believe this not only empowers employees in their work environment, but also in their personal lives. By offering Volunteer Time Off (VTO) where employees can take off up to 50 hours a year to do volunteer activities; we hope to foster a cohesive team environment, which can include volunteering as a team at events such as building a house for Habitat for Humanity or simply mowing the lawn for an elderly neighbor. In the past, we had always allowed 1 paid hour of volunteer time to each employee per week, however, thanks to an idea from an employee, we have revamped this process to allow our employees to take off blocks of time to hopefully attract more participation in volunteer efforts.

It is our goal in HR to continue to build and maintain our TSBG culture and these are just a few ways we work to achieve such goals.

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