What in the world is BPI?

Business Process Improvement (BPI) is an approach designed to help organizations redesign their existing business operations to accomplish significant improvement in production. Effective BPI helps to generate promising results in operational efficiency and customer focus. BPI, when implemented by means of a structured methodology, helps companies to reduce their operational costs and cycle time, enhance customer service and improve the quality of their products or services.

The mission of BPI at TS Banking Group (TSBG) is overseeing and directing the projects assigned to each area of focus within our many business units organization-wide. We also work to develop strategic direction for process improvements and organizational effectiveness across the company. Our team participates in devising and designing business process requirements for all business, financial, and operational processes associated with organizational functions.

This includes a mapping of a “current state,” researching and analyzing data in support of business functions, process knowledge and systems requirements. Ultimately, we recommend improvements for new requirements for business processes and operational procedures and contribute to the planning, directing, and coordination efforts of the BPI process and mapping of a “future state.” As a result of these sessions, our team provides three, six and twelve-month follow-ups and we continually harvest projects from our strategic plan. We currently have over 50 BPI projects slated for 2018. Many of these are directly tied to a goal within our business’ strategic plan.

Another initiative that has come out of BPI is Kaizen Krew. Modeled after initiatives from Toyota and Pella Corporation, the Kaizen Krew is a way for all employees to participate in improvement areas bank-wide. The groups consist of six TSBG team members, the issue originator and moderator. The issue to process is shared at the beginning of each session and the team or individual that presented the issue is present and fields questions for 15-30 minutes. The group then debriefs and brainstorms potential ideas and solutions for 30 minutes. This process then repeats with another group of six. Follow up is then provided to all Kaizen Krew members within one week as to the decision for change. These members/groups change as new issues are brought forward.

We are working closely with the other half of our team, the members of Data Science. These TSBG employees conduct business intelligence activities that enhance the work done in BPI. 2017 saw an increase in work done within our operations area and will continue in 2018. This team also has a large involvement in our bank-wide strategic plan and assist those business units in achieving their goals.

While not traditional banking, there are a lot of great initiatives going on behind the scenes at our company. Feel free to reach out to one of us here if you have questions or would like more information.

For more information on our Business Process Improvement Department contact Tim Larsen, BPI Manager at 712-487-0301 or Gary Davis, BPI Coordinator at 712-487-0438.

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