Our Core Values in our Employees Words

Enduring integrity, others oriented, “whole”istic prosperity, and positively contrarian.

What do these words mean? At TS Banking Group (TSBG) these are the words we live by, these are our Core Values. We try our best to incorporate these words and their meaning into our everyday routines both in and out of the work environment. This is why every year we dedicate 10 percent of our pre-tax income back into the individual communities we serve, and why 80 percent of TSBG employees volunteer. Hear from a few of our employees on what our core values mean to them.

Enduring Integrity
At TS Banking Group faith, family, farming and financial stewardship come first. We make home and work life balance a priority, and we know that if we reinvest in our employees they will thrive in their work environment and their communities. We believe the golden rule is always relevant, and we treat others the way we want to be treated. We believe in being tough, but fair, knowing where to draw the line, and where to stand. Over all, we keep our promises, and strive to be an organization clients can rely on.

As a busy mother of two little children a good home and work life balance is very important not only to me but to my spouse and kids. TS Bank has allowed me to achieve this balance by caring for their employees and their well-being. When you know your employer cares about you and your family, it makes it easy to get up and get your day started. A perfect example of this was when my children were ill a while ago and I was able to stay home with them while working from home. It was important to me that TS Bank was understanding and cared enough to allow me to be home with my little ones. You don’t find that compassion with just any employer and I feel fortunate to work at such a great place. – Kelly Herring, AVP of Consumer Credit

Others Oriented
At TS Banking Group we work hard to maintain a positive image and energy. We are courteous, respectful, proactive and attentive. We make it a point to smile and greet everyone by name. Our clients come first, we appreciate their business and work hard to create lasting relationships.

Here at TS Bank client service comes from the heart. We strive to understand each and every client’s individual needs so that we can help them achieve financial success. Our clients are why we come to work every day, making their lives and the communities we serve better. – Amy Coenen, AVP of Personal Banking, Atlantic Branch Manager

“Whole”istic Prosperity
At TS Banking Group we want our employees and clients to prosper, to live a fulfilling life and be the best they can be physically, spiritually, mentally, and financially. This is why we offer a variety of benefits and employee services in order to create a prosperous environment. Our employee's, client’s, and communities’ prosperity are our main priorities.

Within the credit department at TS Banking Group, we take our job of financial risk management seriously. We work as a team to provide a mutually beneficial relationship between the bank and the client. Our department is very analytical and procedure driven, but we remain focused on the client and being a trustworthy partner in their prosperity. – JaLynne Schmaling, Credit Administration Project Manager

Positively Contrarian
At TS Banking Group we go against the status quo, and are always passionately curious. We realize that banking is an ever-changing industry and we are willing to change with it. We maintain intellectual honesty; we accept facts and put aside personal biases, even if it might be an unpopular decision. We vow to always do what is best for our clients and our communities.

Contrarian - Opposing or rejecting popular opinion; going against current practice. To me, being contrarian is not just being different or doing something different just because, but making that decision because it is better, more efficient or allows us to set ourselves apart from other banks. We definitely pride ourselves on thinking outside of the box and encourage our employees at all levels to challenge the status quo. Contrarian in our organization is taking a look at processes that are good and making them better. The constant feeling of “what if,” is what makes coming to work each day so unique and rewarding! – Tim Larsen, BPI Manager

One of the definitions of contrarian is opposing or rejecting popular opinion. At TS Banking Group we think of this as a very good quality- we are positively contrarian. To me, this definition is not accepting what everyone else does, but examining creatively what we can do differently. This is not only externally on discovering ways to make our products and services stronger for the clients; but also, internally what we can do to make our workplace and selves better. Having this as one of our core values is one of the many reasons I love working at TS Banking Group. – Erin Johnson, Recruiter 

TS Banking Group believes in business-not-as-usual. This means when we’re looking for solutions to our client’s needs, we don’t simply offer the same products and services as other banks and investment professionals without stopping to ask “Is there a better way?” This idea of improving our processes, products, and services beyond conventional wisdom embodies our employee mentality and is what attracts clients to us. TS Banking Group doesn’t do banking, we do transformative banking. – Brett Werner, Director of Analytics

Through these four core values TS Banking Group dedicates itself to IGNITING PROSPERITY, both individually with clients and with communities as a whole.

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