Employee Madaline Eblen: A Volunteer at the Midlands Humane Society

At TS Bank, we believe in giving back to our communities. As a result of this strong belief in volunteerism, we are spotlighting some of our employees who use their spare time to give back to the community. This week we are featuring Madaline Eblen, Graphic Designer at TS Banking Group and volunteer at the Midlands Humane Society. 


About the Midlands Humane Society:
The Midlands Humane Society (MHS) is located on the northeast end of Council Bluffs and opened its doors January 2, 2015. The shelter assists in rehoming a variety of animals from cats and dogs to rabbits and lizards. The MHS is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

How long have you been with the Midlands Humane Society and how did you get there?
I have been volunteering with the Midlands Humane Society since early December of 2016. With my love for animals and TS Banking Group giving me the opportunity to volunteer 50 hours a year I was excited to get involved in our community, and MHS seemed like the perfect place for me!

What role do you play at the Midland Humane Society?
Right now I am a dog walker. In this role I have the choice to volunteer my time three different times a day, morning, noon, or night. However, if you aren’t a dog person there are many other volunteer opportunities including cat care, laundry, cleaning, maintenance and landscaping.

What is the best part about volunteering with the Midlands Humane Society?
For me it is helping the animals. You get to meet all different types of furry personalities, making it even more special seeing them go home to a loving family.

Why do you think is it important to volunteer locally?
I believe volunteerism keeps the community thriving. When we all pitch in we have the chance to make the community better together. You really do make a difference!

Why should people consider getting involved in their community outside of work?
Not only is volunteering a great networking opportunity, but there are a lot of great organizations out there looking for your support. Find something that you are interested in. Again, you do make a difference. When you help your community it makes it a better place for everyone.

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