$1,000 Gift to Honor 40 Years of Service


Today, we honor a familiar face in our TS Banking Group family who recently celebrated a big milestone. Gene Young, TS Banking Group Facilities Coordinator, is celebrating 40 years of service! In addition to an individual tenure gift, employees who serve more than 30 years with TS Banking Group receive $1,000 to donate to a charity of the their choice, a donation that is made in their honor. 

Gene, why did you choose The Shelter for Domestic Violence? 
I chose to have my tenure gift given to The Shelter for Domestic Violence, a program of Catholic Charities in Omaha. The shelter opened over forty years ago and has served women who have experienced different types of domestic violence and abuse. The shelter is a residential safe haven for women and children where they can stay up to 30 days. During this time, they receive assistance in understanding their circumstances and help in breaking the cycle of abuse. Women receive assistance with housing referrals and with other necessities as they strive to make decisions for themselves for which they may not have past experience. My wife, Jan, who recently retired, worked at the shelter since it began and served as a social worker for many of the women after they left the shelter. Through her eyes, I learned of the difficulties her clients face but also heard of those who succeeded in escaping the abuse they had formerly experienced.

What does it mean to you to have this donated in your honor? 
I am very delighted that the company is making this donation in recognition of my 40-year tenure at the bank. The shelter relies on donations and grants to provide this vital service to the community. I appreciate that the donation will help to extend the reach of the shelter.

How were you introduced to TS Banking Group and what has encouraged you to stay over the years? 
I was first introduced in 1962 when I opened a checking account with then Treynor State Bank prior to leaving for Iowa State University. I have had the account ever since. As far as employment, I was looking for something that might be more challenging; although I did not have a financial background, I was interested in the banking world. I mentioned to my father-in-law that I was searching, and I believe he told Mick of my interest. After two meetings to persuade me to come to work, I did join the team. The rest is history as there were many exciting years of meeting and working with clients about their financial needs, being involved in community activities and, of course, working with the best co-workers one could ask for!

What are a few of your favorite memories?  
I have many memories of events at TS Bank, one was how skilled Mick and I were at starting a particular car together in Omaha (haha!) Moving out of the bank on the corner of Main Street and Eyberg Avenue to our present location in Treynor was a time of excitement and anticipation. Working Saturdays were very enjoyable as I frequently spent the morning talking with Rich Purdy. (P.S. Rich Purdy is also celebrating a big anniversary, read his story here). Many memorable times, though not always favorites were our large operational projects, the ‘80’s farm crisis along with installing our first ATM at Casey’s. The growth of the company and accompanying acquisitions led to the opportunity for me to be involved in remodels and new construction projects.

A favorite company quote is the Chinese proverb, “When you drink from the well, remember the well digger.” It is for certain, many have benefitted from the wealth of knowledge, commitment and friendship of Gene. Again, a special thank you to Gene for his many years of dedication and service.

About TS Banking Group: The TS Banking Group is dedicated to the resurgence of community banking. By upholding a community bank management philosophy, TS Banking Group works to expand their organization with a client-focused operating efficiency that allows for the long-term prosperity of community banking. The current acquisition strategy aims to preserve the “local touch” at community banks by enabling the acquired bank to focus their efforts on serving their clients and communities. TS Banking Group is a joint venture between Treynor Bancshares, Inc., and the newly formed bank holding company, TS Contrarian Bancshares, Inc. Headquarters for both holding companies are in Treynor, Iowa. For more information visit TS Banking Group represents $1 billion in assets.


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